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Computer Repair Wilmington NC | Computer Warriors

Best Computer Repair in Wilmington NC

The Computer Warriors are Wilmington NC's leader in computer repairs and IT services.  Founded in 2006 by Brian Satz, a graduate of UNCW's Master's Program in Computer Science and Information Systems, the Computer Warriors has grown to provide two repair centers to our clients and provide 10 full-time jobs to local technicians.

Some of our computer repair services provided include:

Laptop Computer Repair Wilmington NC

  • DC Power Jack Repair - $125
    • Your laptop computers stops charging or powering on due to a faulty or damaged power plug
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair or Replacement - $90 + Parts
    • Cracked or shattered LCD screen, faded images, no light behind the image
  • Laptop Hard Drive Repair or Replacement
    • We have software that will allow us to clone your failing hard drive to a brand new drive, allowing you to keep all your programs, settings, and files.  When this isn't an option, we will back up your data, install a new hard drive, and recover as many programs as possible.
  • Tune-up Service - $90
    • This service is recommended as part of a yearly maintenance plan for your computer.  Over time your system can become cluttered with temporary files, cookies, minor malware and toolbars, registry problems, update problems, and outdated software.  These issues can bring your computer to a crawl.  Our Tune-up Service addresses all these issues and more for a low price of only $90!

Desktop Computer Repair Wilmington NC

  • General Part Replacement - $60 + Parts
    • Power supply diagnostic/replacement, video card replacement or upgrades, fan replacements, etc, fall into this category.
  • Capacitor Replacement on Faulty Desktop Motherboard - $125
    • Bulging Capacitors (see picture) can cause your computer to power off randomly, not turn on, fail to load Windows, or simply cause system instability.  The Computer Warriors can repair your motherboard by replacing faulty capacitors, usually the same day.  We carry common capacitors in stock and will get your computer back to you quickly!
  • Virus Removals with Tune-up - $125
  • Tune-up - $90

On-site Computer Repair Wilmington NC - $125/hr

  • Network Setups - Wired and Wireless
    • Let us help you get your wireless network working with blazing speeds and reliability.  We carry best-in-class enterprise and residential equipment and will get your network working at its peak performance.
  • Peripheral Installation - Printers, Scanners, DVRs, etc
    • The Computer Warriors will come to your business or home and set up your computer with any number of peripherals or attached devices.

Remote Computer Support Wilmington NC

  • Our technicians are able to log into your computer in a matter of seconds to assist with many computer issues.  As long as you have a fast internet connection and your PC is not badly infected, we should be able to assist you remotely.  Services start at $30 for the first 15 minutes and $1.50/min thereafter.
  • Call 910-399-3797 and ask for our remote support services.  
Wilmington NC Computer Repair Remote Support
  • Recommended Paid Antivirus for Residential Use - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 3-user Pack.  Our Price - $65.  Download the 30 day trial here.
  • We don't recommend free antivirus products for most users, but if you absolutely do not want to pay for better protection, then we advise using Microsoft Security Essentials, which you can download here. - Note:  Use Windows Defender for Windows 8 - Security Essentials is replaced by it in this version of Windows.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Excellent Second Option Virus Removal Utility
  • CCleaner - Utility used to remove temporary files, cookies, junk files, and clean your computer's registry
  • Our Remote Support Page - Check this out for instant remote support with one of our technicians


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